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2 min readApr 12, 2021


On Monday, April 12 at the GTC 2021 event NVIDIA announced their NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity application framework, as well as the general availability of their NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU (data processing unit) and a converged BlueField-2 A100 that combines an NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPU with a BlueField-2 DPU on a single card. These provide ARIA Cybersecurity a powerful solution platform to deliver new services applications to our markets. Leveraging the powerful NVIDIA DPU/GPU in PCIe form factors within each server is becoming more critical given the growing complexity of the threat surfaces and the massive amounts of data analysis needed for proper cybersecurity measures and threat protection.

At ARIA Cybersecurity, we are fully committed to using AI and ML to improve an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. Our solutions provide the capabilities needed to monitor all communications traversing the entire network, mine those raw signals from the wire, and generate the analytics required to identify threats and take immediate action. Being able to deploy our ARIA SDS applications in these new form factors opens up developing powerful distributed services capable of providing real-time cybersecurity and network monitoring attributes at wire speeds up to 100G.

As more 5G networks come online and growing volumes of data move to the Cloud, bringing this level of visibility and responsiveness to the edge and the cloud becomes even more important.

One of the most challenging cybersecurity applications is cyber-attack or cyber threat detection. The massive amounts of alert noise paired with the traditional, and sometimes manual, threat hunting methods has proven ineffective. Now cyber-attack detection with tools such as ARIA ADR and ARIA PI is different thanks to this new level of enterprise-wide visibility and analytics combined with AI enhancement. All the noise falls away with AI correlating behaviors mined across the network and surfacing only verified security threats.

Our collaboration with NVIDIA means that developers can now leverage the networking and data collection offloads of the DPU plus the analytics power of AI, gaining complete data visibility to create powerful and differentiated security applications and services that OEMs and other service providers will favor.

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  • ARIA Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) solution automatically finds and stops network-borne threats as soon as they cross the network, and most importantly, before harm occurs. The single platform solution provides an AI-driven security operations center (SOC) that provides organizations all the benefits of a traditional SOC at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other solutions, ARIA ADR provides full threat-surface coverage — for on-premises infrastructure, data centers, remote devices, and cloud environments and can be operated anywhere by IT resources with little to no cybersecurity training.
  • ARIA Packet Intelligence (PI) enables complete visibility into an organization’s network, including typically unmonitored lateral traffic patterns. It watches all communications and generates analytics for every packet. SOCs using security tools such as SIEMs or the ARIA ADR solution leverage this enriched data to detect and stop network-borne threats.

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